[x] 'A Work in Progress' - The Next Step in Human Evolution

So I've been working on a number of pieces here and there. My attention span has been destroyed by the marvelous wonder that is the Internet, video streaming, DVD's and what have you, so I rotate among upwards to six projects. Here is one of the ones that is closer to finish than the others (although, I'll be posting those relatively soon):

This is based off a very old sketch I did when I was going to school at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. I was sitting in one of my classes listening attentively (shocking) to the students and professor debate back and forth amongst each other on technological progress and the next stage of human evolution and if the two may overlap at some point. As we talked about it, I doodled in one of my sketchbooks, which happened to also be my class notebook.

Recently, when I was digging through old school stuff, I came across the sketchbook and found the sketch inside. Anyway, I decided to revisit the concept and started painting it. It's very much a work still in progress. I'll post up the final one up when it's done. :-)

[x] DUCK!!

I had the opportunity in joining a good number of my fellow minions of the Shrunkenhead at D-Structure in San Francisco for a gallery reception put together by fifteen awesome alumni. Such incredible artwork was on display... a true testament to what discipline and dedication can do to your skill level. These guys were and continue to be an inspiration, even though I only know a third of them personally. The rest I only know through their well-deserved art reputations.

As you can see, it was an incredible turnout. The crowd outside was just as hefty. Not to mention it was bloody hot inside. Thank gawd for the complimentary booze. :-P [ I took pictures of the artwork too, but 1) the photos don't do the actual artwork justice and 2) the artwork is not mine to display. ]

It was incredible to see such different styles of work coming together. If you guys happen to find yourself in the Haight/Ashbury area of San Francisco, you guys should check out DUCK!! on display at D-Structure. It's located on Haight Street @ Fillmore.

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