[x] Rock With You

Near the end of the short-film production by Professor Dave Chai, a couple of the animators (ahem Corey Tom and Andrew Harkins) tweaked a simple second of animation of their particular scene to the beat and rhythm of some music. I can only guess how much productivity time this ate up, but good lord is it hilarious. So hilarious that I had to share it with everyone (with Corey's permission, of course). :-) Enjoy. Again... props to Corey and Andrew. :-)

[x] Totoro Forest Project

I had the opportunity, earlier this month, to partake in the awesomeness that is the Totoro Forest Project auction at the PIXAR campus in Emeryville. It was... Mecca, Heaven, ultimate level of spiritual enlightenment, and an artgasm all rolled into a hug from Jeebus. Heh. It was incredible. Just from walking in the door, I started recognizing different artists whom I've heard and whom I've admired throughout my academic career - Bill Cone, Steve Pilcher, Khang Le, John Lasseter himself, Bill Presing, Kei Acedera, James Jean, Bobbi Chiu, Peter De Seve and so many more... I also saw some alumni from several classes before me - Noah Klocek, Tim Heitz, JP Balmet, Martin Kau, and of course our esteemed advisors Courtney Granner and Bunny Carter. T'was an incredible experience. But of course, PIXAR is strict on cameras so unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the actual event. I had to scorch it into my memory. :-)

Being a gnat amongst the giants, it didn't occur to me to be a complete dork and ask for these artists' signatures on the pages of the Totoro Forest Project book that we got with our tickets. It wasn't until Courtney said "When's the next time you're going to see this many industry artists in the same room like this?" Well, I grabbed a pen and sheepishly started asking for signatures. "Umm... excuse me... Mr. Lasseter? Will you sign my Totoro book?" HAHA.