[x] Doodle... the Final Frontier...

Starship Sion - NCC 50379

A mixed media piece that originally started out as a watercolor for a friend's birthday. 


[x] Layout Doodle

Mass produced...

A rough layout concept for the collaboration project with Matt and Renee. Managed to use the random pipes and wires drawing as a basis for this factory setting that Matt has for this story moment piece. 

[x] Layout Doodle

In the jungle, the mighty jungle...

Working out some layout designs for a couple collaboration pieces with Renee and Matt.


[x] Doodle of the Day

As I was trying to generate some ideas for a collaboration project for this year's APE, I started to draw and let my hand just do its thang - which is apparently pipes, wires, and machinery... This doodle ended up consuming more of my time than I originally expected. :)