[x] Random Doodle of the Day

An illustration for someone very important to me...


[x] Lady in the Water

No, not that crappy M. Night movie, but rather a random illustration project I've started up for myself which will eventually be developed into a chestplate/sleeve tattoo for a friend of mine (provided he doesn't wait ANOTHER 7 years to actually get it inked).

Anyway, the main concept is water and while I did a rough sketch of the water on his chest/arm to get a basic shape layout, we talked about having a woman bathing in the water as the water enveloped her like a living organism... The woman will be on his arm with the head coming up to his shoulder, and the rest of the tattoo will be a detailed movement of water over his chest, shoulder, and back.


[x] Random Doodle-of-the-Day

A random doodle-of-the-day from several weeks ago. Did this during a meeting with some of my bosses. Don't get me wrong... I was totally paying attention... but my pen/hand have ADD and need to be moving while I listen to things.


[x] Bizzy Bee

Wow... first real post of 2010 and not only am I four months late, but I also have nothing really substantial to show. I haven't been working on any personal projects and that kinda disappoints me, really - especially since I've been following my peers' blogs and they're constantly updating with some pretty awesome pieces (ahem... Jake... Paul... Sean... etc.). That's not to say that I do not want to work on personal projects; unfortunately, work has eaten up so much of my time and creative energy.

I started a full time position earlier this year as a Marketing graphic designer. Although it's not the entertainment design industry that I ultimately want to end up in, it does allow me to do graphic design work that I am equally interested in. Work has been steadily fast-paced and I'm learning a lot. Unfortunately, the downside is that when I do get home from the office, I'm just too beat to pick up my wacom pen and paint something that's my own. Sigh... I gotta start setting time after work to just doodle and paint.

[x] Koi Interrupted

All that being said about work taking up a huge chunk of my time, it is unfortunate that my koi illustration also fell on the backlog. This is pretty much where it is now... and where it has been since, um... January 2010? Oy...

It's almost there, actually... I remember that when I last worked on it, I was debating on whether to promote the design on Designbyhumans.com as a t-shirt... or to just sell large prints independently. Anyone have any suggestions?

Anywhoo... back to work...