[x] Oh, my glob! Moon prism power?! - Sailor Moon & Lumpy Space Princess

The Sailor Scounts add a new space princess to their ranks...

Designed in Illustrator, touched up in Photoshop.  
An illustration piece for a friend marrying two of his favorite shows together - Sailor Moon & Adventure Time


[x] Fairest of them all - The Queen

I blended some design elements from the film adaption of Snow White & the Huntsman (crappy movie, btw), because, let's face it: Charlize Theron fuckin' rocked at playing a crazy evil queen. Crazy's a good color on her, honestly.  Anyway, not satisfied with the design of the crown of the classic animated film, I took the live-action crown instead and added a few minor alterations to her queenly robes.

Anywhoo... it's food time now. Bye bye. 


[x] Devil's Eye - Madame Medusa

This crazy, greedy biatch from Disney's The Rescuers is often overlooked when it comes to thinking of the badassest of badass Disney Villainesses. Like, seriously, she's willing to extort and even murder small children to achieve her end goal. That's...messed up.


[x] Bring Me Thy Bitches - Cruella De Vil

Okay... so I think I'm turning this into a series of truly fucked up, demented, crazy Disney Villainesses.
And Cruella definitely falls within that category of fucked up... I mean... c'mon... slaughtering and skinning cute aminal creatures for their fuzzy skins? That's pretty messed up.

I meshed together her classic design from the animated feature and the character designs done for Glenn Close in the live action rendition of 101 Dalmations.


[x] Under the Sea... - Ursula

To go with the Maleficent piece I did in my earlier post, I added Ursula.
Contrary to the straight lines of the Maleficent piece, I wanted to show an ethereal movement in the tentacles. I'd have to say the tentacles were the most exciting part of the piece.