[x] Daily Doodle - Walkman


A logo concept for a friend's company. I almost think that, because it's a nostalgic walkman, it should be posted on a Throwback-Thursday or something... Heh. 


[x] Daily Doodle - Superheroes

I want superpowers... 

Some doodlings today... I was inspired by the dedication of many of my artists on the team; coupled with the continued work I'm doing on my Iron Giant vs Sentinel piece, I have come to realize that I miss doing comicbook-style illustration. It is, after all, my childhood inspiration - comic books. I remember being a wee lad and seeing ads for Joe Kubert's School of Comic Book Illustration and I remember telling my dad that when it came for me to go to college, that I wanted to go there. 

Heh... Memories.

Anyway, I felt inspired today to do some superhero drawings/paintings. These are just the rough sketches. Anywhoo... back to doodlings and shit.