[x] Water Tribe

A freshly baked batch of whatever cookies you desire if you can figure out which geeky cartoon inspired this sketch... :-D

=== Aug 06 ===

=== Aug 12 ===

I got some critical feedback from D-Rock, T-Dawg, and Charlene the Airbender. Charlene was pretty quick to point out that the piece lacked a distinct and clear light source and Derek similarly suggested that there would be some reflected and caustic lighting on the figure bouncing off the water. So I'm gonna get crackin' on that.

Tony also suggested that I should build an envir
onment around the waterbender so that the place tells more about why he's doing what he's doing and where he's doing it. Turns the illustration from a still image into a story piece. He and I also thought that it'd be cool to do a sequence of images... how his forms start and how his forms follow through.

Heh... Originally, however, I really didn't think I'd be putting this much into the piece. When I first drew it, I was pretty much geeking out during the series finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender. However, when I threw some color onto it, I quickly found myself painting it - attempting to bring it to a level of finish that I'd yet to accomplish during my academic career.

Anywhoo... based on the three of their suggestions, here's what I have (Tony's environment suggestion has yet to be completely fleshed out). I hope to be done with this one by week's end. Heh... maybe I'll do a piece for each of the other elements. We'll see. :-)

===Aug 15===

===Sept 07===
I stopped working on the waterbender for a while to start a few other personal projects. I only just recently re-opened it to tweak some stuff and call it a day, so to speak. I don't want to spend much more time on it as I really didn't expect it to progress this far beyond the sketch I just doodled in my sketchbook while geeking out watching the series finale. Heh. :-) So, here's where I'll be leaving him...

By the way, he doesn't have a name... Any suggestions? :-)


Jimmy Lam said...

not sure what cartoon.... but nice water!

Dora said...

the cartoon is avatar!!

this is pretty cool. love it. :)

Charlene Fleming said...

Whut, sickness! Dude, I thought you were all about Fire Nation. What's the deal? Do you not remember the Fire Nation penalty for treason?

The water looks incredible. Like damn.

Jon Mendez said...

Jimmy: Thanks, mang.

Dora: You win the cookies! :-D

Charlene: I am Fire Nation. :-D But I thought it'd be fun to draw a water bender. :-)

Heehee. Thanks, too. I should have a paint-progress shot up by the time you come this way again. :-)

Dora said...

sweet! i'll take choco chip cookies please!

the paint progress looks amazing! i'm all about the fire nation too but damn, this water looks hot!

Silent Ghost said...

ha ha, that is nice.

Tim Heitz said...

Hey Jon--
Yeah, man it was good bumpin in to you too! Thanks for comin out to the DUCK show on Friday.
Sorry if I didn't get to chat with you there--It was super crazy that night.
Anyway, glad you guys could make it out.
Hope you enjoyed it!

Oh, and--your stuff is lookin nice man. Keep it up!

XD said...

SWEET! I love it. Name him chacho :D

El Tarot de Sergio said...

It is plain AMAZING. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Generally watertribe names have "k" and "T" in their spelling or also double "m" . For this guy I'd say "ATTUK", "KOBAK", TORRUK", "KUN", "NAKARE" (japanese for stream), HEKKU, HOTTU, or simply JACK! LOL that's a real good job man, I love your draw!