[x] Shock Value - Princess Azula & Storm

Princess Azula of the Fire Nation and Storm of the X-Men team up
...to fry up some chicken at the neighborhood BBQ. :P

Today's daily doodle brings together some two hot chicas with some electric personalities. 
I was always a fan of this particular issue of Ultimate X-Men that featured Polaris in a kickass pose. I wanted to use that as a base for Azula's pose since I felt it best conveyed badass crazy without having to rely on a face - as is the style for this particular series of illustrations. Also, I broke my own style standards for this series with the lightning, making it far more intricate than any other flat shape used in the piece. It looks cool, though. Oh, well. What're you gun'do? :P 


[x] Metal - Magneto & Toph

"You could say...I have a magnetic personality."

Okay, okay... I know that Data from Star Trek: Generations said that line, but it totally fits Magneto, amiright?! Anyway... Here's Magneto for the APE.2014 lineup. 

Metallica... Metal Gear Solid... the puns are endless...

I added Toph to the image to continue the X-Men / Avatar mashup. :) 


[x] Fire - Firelord Zuko & Sunfire

Firelord Zuko of the Fire Nation and Sunfire of the X-Men join together...
...to battle the evil forces of...moisture?