[x] Steampunk'd Alfonse Mucha goes Under the Sea... - Update

Unsatisfied with how dark my previous progress shot was going, I decided to completely redo the color palette... and this is the direction it's going in now. A couple peer feedbacks have been that there's nothing drawing the eye all the way down the length of the piece; that the gears at the top keep the eye fixed when, really, the flow of the jellyfish is supposed to lead the eye through the piece. Richmond had suggested I incorporate the pendulum you find in grandfather clocks to help bring the eye down while the straight lines of the pendulum will add a nice visual contrast to the flow of the jellyfish. Progress shot to come...


[x] Drowning in My Imagination

I started another illustration project whilst still working on the Steampunk'd Mucha-esque triptych. The concept for this is, well, as the title states... drowning in my imagination. I've been feeling a surge of creative energy lately and I can't seem to sketch/doodle out my ideas fast enough. Being overwhelmed with ideas, I came up with this illustration of a figure falling/sinking and essentially drowning in his own stream of imaginative consciousness...

Whether I will bring this to finish digitally, traditionally, or a combination of the two, I have not yet decided.



[x] Random Doodle of the Day - Pilipino Kaba?

I'm Pilipino, biatch... w00t!


[x] Random Doodle of the Day

I think I might turn my mom's almost-daily antics into a comic strip. Heh... Here's a doodle of her caricature... :P
[x] Steampunk'd Alfonse Mucha goes Under the Sea...
09Dec2010 - Updated 06Mar2011

It started out as a random doodle over a year ago... and then I started to doodle the same gears and mechanical objects again but in the form of a Mucha piece... and for whatever reason, I thought "Why not throw in some marine life..." And, well, it kind of evolved into a larger illustration project. A steampunk'd triptych of marine life emulating the compositional and artistic awesomeness of the legendary Alfonse Mucha.

Panel I - a Manta Ray; Mao'ri symbol of inner tranquility and protection.

Panel II - Jellyfish; no specific reason why I picked the jellyfish... I just loved the possibilities of how I can illustrate its movement and form. Although, thanks to my buddy Kumo, the jellyfish does represent Grace. :)

Panel III - Crab; Western astrological symbol for Cancer, symbolizing a number of traits. Those of which I connected most with are Trust, Transformation, Cycles, Emotion, and Regeneration


[x] Mekanikal Koi

Print samples approved... Limited Edition run of the Mekanikal Koi is about to begin. Now takin' pre-orders. :) Dimensions 9x17, printed on semi-glossy 11x18 heavy stock, $15.00 unframed. Anyone wants? :) Help a starving artist out... Don't make me beg. Well... I'll beg if you make it an even 20. :P