[x] Bluetooth Fairy

Thanks to Neil, he referred me to a client who needed a reconstruction of their company's 'mascot.' The company is a bluetooth technology retailer called "Bluetooth Fairy". Their current fairy mascot was somewhat... lacking... in appeal and Neil and I looked her over and thought she could be vamped up considerably to be more eye-catching, appealing, and definitely market-friendly.


first-pass revision

updated revision - close to finish
just have to tweek some details that the client isn't a hundred percent on.
She needs to be "sexier"...

Essentially, the client wanted me to keep the same essence of the illustration... the pose, the wings, the color palette, etc. I did alter the figure, though, specifically the body posture and the face. The original illustration's pose wasn't very... structured... and felt like the spine was either broken or not there entirely. As for the face, it just wasn't striking me as something that made me want to stop and look at their product.

Anywhoo... that's where the fairy is so far. I have some other detailing to work out. Should be done before week's end.

the revisions continue...