[x] Stop! Mucha Time!

I decided do a digital painting of the sketch that I scribbled in my sketchbook yesterday and I wanted to do it with an Alfons Mucha feel. Mucha always chose women for his subject matter so I painted a male version of the concept of Time. Compositionally, it's inspired by Mucha, but my roommate says the painting itself has an Alex Ross feel. :-) Totally not a bad thing, in my opinion. HAHA.

Anywhoo... Hi. :-)


Sean Petrilak said...

I like to think of it more like a lyendecker than an alex ross *gag*. You had me at mucha!

Joey said...

Ah very nice.

though every time I think of Time, I am reminded of the greco-roman representation of "Father Time", or Cronus, or Saturn... as he devours his young.


The stature and poise of your rendition though is quite Apollonian.