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work in progress

In addition to the SF matte painting I'm working on, I dug up an old illustration that I did as a reinvention of the Alice in Wonderland story that I did when I was at school at the Laguna College of Art & Design. I came across it as I was cleaning out some old image folders I had on my computer and decided to re-paint it partly because of reading the books The Looking Glass Wars but mostly because I was inspired by some of the concept art for it by Chris Applehans.

Below are a couple sketches I did during one of my regular coffee-shop adventures with my homie and roommate, Derek Brand:

Hail, Caesar!
A lot of time when I'm sketching, I do a lot of "stream of thought" drawing where I doodle with no particular idea of what I'm drawing or what it's going to end up being. For this sketch, I dunno what I was thinking about, but it started off as a straight-on sketch of a Roman woman... but then my pen started drawing lines on her face and it turned into a Roman woman...assimilated by the Borg. HA!

Father Time...when he was in his late 20's...

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