Wow... wouldja look at that... TWO entries within five days of eachother. Unheard of. HAHA. Heh, I was offered a freelance job for an independent band in New York. Basically the album was a parody off of the Transformers and I was asked to design a CD cover with the Autobots done in chibi-anime form.

It's definitely not an art form I'm accustomed to doing, but it was fun to branch out into a different style and tinker around with it. I had a little bit of trouble trying to make the characters still feel like the Autobots while at the same time stay within the cartoony, simplistic style of chibi-anime. I had to remind myself it's all about simplification. Heh... after one or two characters, I started to have a lot of fun with it.

Anyway, here's a montage of the characters I was asked to draw. I was also given the opportunity to design a series of chibi-formers similar to the Constructicons, but for this project, they would be called the Acousticons and would have been made from various instruments. Heh... Unfortunately, they're not in this lineup.

Guess the Transformer and win a quarter! Hey... that rhymes! :-P

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