It's roughly a quarter past 4AM on a Saturday morning and I think it's safe to say that I've lost any productivity momentum for the evening. But before I journey back to my habitat, I thought that I should update the bloggie. My photoshop sketches/paintings for my Hermit story concept are progressing nicely, albeit slowly.

In addition to those pieces, I've also been putting in a considerable amount of time in turning my Veldt illustrations from last semester into a 3D environment in Maya. Jules had the idea of letting me do one of my own vizdev pieces for my Maya environment final rather than an image I picked from a magazine. Right away, I thought of the images I did for The Veldt by Ray Bradbury.

Anyway... here's the original sketch and what came out of it in 3D land...

As always, comments and suggestions by my artistic peers are welcome. As well as the random philosophical musings that are inherent to our late nights in the dungeons of our labs and studios.

So... tell me... How are you?


Charlene Fleming said...

Hey Jon, they look really awesome so far. No major crits for you, really. The only thing I can really say so far is that you may want to tone down the light on the screens a bit. They would be a lot more eerie and computer-like if the light weren't so blown out. Computer light is soft and glowy. You could turn down the intesity and add some environment fog.

I'm not sure where you are in the process of this but the metal textures could use some souping up so they don't look like the default Blinns and Phongs. Since this is really futuristic, you won't need to go crazy with aged metal texture or anything, lucky you. ;)

I love the animatied fly-through view of your environment, btw.

Nelson Hernandez said...

Wow. Cool stuff, nice drawing as well. Very clean.

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog as well. Just dropping by to say hi. Good luck post-graduation, looks like you'll be alright.

Jimmy Lam said...

that 3d flythru action was craaaaaaazzzyyyy!!! crazy awesome!!