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I wish I had superpowers...

Inspired by some timeless characters, some of them in their iconic poses, I assembled my own superhero team. I have no idea what the team is called... probably something lame like "Super Fantastic People Traveling the World and Doing Good". Yea. That sounds good... 'SFPTWDG' for short. 

Starting at the top left, we have Roca.  As a child growing up in Mexico City, Roca had a fascination with throwing rocks through windows, any and all windows, that he came across - retirement homes, churches, nurseries, animal shelters, schools, homes... everything that had a window. When Roca was but a wee pre-teen, his habit of throwing rocks evolved into a full-blown super power. Now his fascination with throwing stones has grown into demolishing entire towns with boulders. Such a naughty boy. 

An older introduced Hot Flash, Glaucoma and Shocker... well, in addition to repeating their bios again, here's the rest of their crew. (The 9th image is just of two of the characters fighting over the last roll of toilet paper.) 

Hot Flash is an African-Japanese citizen from Sapporo. When not drowing herself in beer, she's usually found in the streets starting fights with any dude trying to take a pass at her. Usually, though, she ends up leveling the entire block because she's too drunk to control her... outbursts. She now lives in the outskirts of Sapporo, never allowed to drink within the city limits. Darn. 

Glitter Bomber is from San Francisco. A male stripper from the popular all-male revue of Nob Hill Theater, Glitter Bomber occasionally uses his abilities to wow the adoring gay men in the audience. But when not dancing nekkid on stage, Glitter Bomber has a short temper, like Hot Flash, starting fights with random people on the street who allegedly look at him the wrong way. More often than not, Glitter Bomber is just projecting his own insecurities of his occupation on those he encounters on his late night walks home. Oh, Glitter-Bomber. (shakes head)

Gaslamp is not one to be around when he's had some hearty Mexican or Indian food. Gaslamp's unusual digestive system has blessed (or cursed) him with the unique ability of turning his farts into "small" nuclear detonations. Poor Gaslamp. A gentle-giant at heart, Gaslamp has been expelled from most first-world countries for doing major industrial and environmental damage, albeit accidentally and usually from a single flatulent outburst. Poor guy's in hiding, somewhere in the Mojave Desert where none can be harmed. On a sidenote, scientists studying some of his first fart sites have found that his gas release is a viable combustible energy source, using just the residue to gas-power lamps across the country. 

Glaucoma is a self-absorbed gym-rat who happens to be a major cosplay nerd. Walking around in armor he designed himself inspired by such geekdom of World of Warcraft and Magic, he likes to carve statues of himself on the sides of buildings, out of pre-existing monuments and statues, and billboards across the bustling metropolise of Boise, Idaho. 

Thumbelina is combat proficient; a decorated veteran of the war in Iceland and Brunai. But what she absolutely loves is Thumb Wars. Her thumbs are undefeated, generating massive energy bursts, destroying all who dare oppose her.

Swamp Gas, a distant cousin of Gaslamp uses her flatulent bombs to create trans-dimensional portals that allow her to cross great distances in both time AND space, all just by farting and walking through the cloud. A word to the wise, however, clothing deteriorates because of the corrosive nature of her biological gasses, hence why she's nekkid... but also a warning to those who dare travel with her. 

Shocker is from Hawaii, specifically Waikiki. Growing up thinking he's the shit and bored because he's stuck on an island, Shocker spent his free time (and his powers) terrorizing vulnerable tourists and blowing up pineapples at the Dole Plantation. He wasn't a very ambitious island boy until he made it to the mainland. 

Well... there's their backstories.   

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