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I wish I had superpowers...

Finished off some comic-book style character doodles I started over the previous weekend. The powers are loosely based off of pre-existing characters out there - I just changed up the actual characters. I don't really have names or backstories, because I just really wanted to draw and in the comic-book style I was attracted to when I was a child. But if I had to give them names... (starting from the top) Shocker, Hot Flash, and Glaucoma

The three are part of a larger team... something like Justice League or X-Men or the Avengers. But far more inappropriate and dysfunctional. As for their backstories... well... let's see if I can whip some up on the spot. 

Shocker is from Hawaii, specifically Waikiki. Growing up thinking he's the shit and bored because he's stuck on an island, Shocker spent his free time (and his powers) terrorizing vulnerable tourists and blowing up pineapples at the Dole Plantation. 

Hot Flash is an African-Japanese citizen from Sapporo. When not drowning herself in beer, she's usually found in the streets starting fights with any dude trying to take a pass at her. Usually, though, she ends up leveling the entire block because she's too drunk to control her... outbursts. She now lives in the outskirts of Sapporo, never allowed to drink within the city limits. Darn.

Glaucoma is a self-absorbed gym-rat who happens to be a major cosplay nerd. Walking around in armor he designed himself inspired by such geekdom of World of Warcraft and Magic, he likes to use his abilities to carve statues of himself on the sides of buildings, out of pre-existing monuments and statues, and billboards across the bustling metropolis of Boise, Idaho. 

Well... there's their backstories. Watchu think? 

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