[x] Pre-production Bathroom Humor

Every project goes through a pre-production phase where things are mocked up quickly and concepts are generated to get a general idea across. When ChefVille was in its infancy two years ago (then under the assumption that it would be named CafeWorld 2 after its predecessor), I had mocked up one of the screens for the FTUE (First-Time User Experience) where a User would select his avatar's gender. I thought I was being...discreetly... and humorously inappropriate. But it really didn't take that long (not that I was hoping for it to slide by) for many to see what I had hidden. I elicited a good amount of laughs, but in the end, I had to change certain things to make the mockup presentable to the Pincus man.

Can you spot my inappropriateness? LOL. Oh, office fun.

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