[x] Steampunk'd Alfonse Mucha goes Under the Sea...
09Dec2010 - Updated 06Mar2011

It started out as a random doodle over a year ago... and then I started to doodle the same gears and mechanical objects again but in the form of a Mucha piece... and for whatever reason, I thought "Why not throw in some marine life..." And, well, it kind of evolved into a larger illustration project. A steampunk'd triptych of marine life emulating the compositional and artistic awesomeness of the legendary Alfonse Mucha.

Panel I - a Manta Ray; Mao'ri symbol of inner tranquility and protection.

Panel II - Jellyfish; no specific reason why I picked the jellyfish... I just loved the possibilities of how I can illustrate its movement and form. Although, thanks to my buddy Kumo, the jellyfish does represent Grace. :)

Panel III - Crab; Western astrological symbol for Cancer, symbolizing a number of traits. Those of which I connected most with are Trust, Transformation, Cycles, Emotion, and Regeneration

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