[x] CATCH!

==UPDATE - 18Sept2009==

My part in the project is almost complete... Just need to tweek a few things here and there with the programmers, but I was to do a bunch of action-animation frames for the characters as they ran, threw, caught throughout the game, as well as designing the overall playable area of the game in general.

game screenshot (sans game interface)


Been working steadily with POW Studios, an independent game development company over in New York, who's been contracted to design games for a rather large medical company. The concept is very similar to the Wii Fit but for the purpose of physical therapy, meant to be used in medical facilities in conjunctions with their pre-existing interactive physical therapy games and equipment.

I'm definitely learning a lot when it comes to developing artwork for games and such. Learn-as-you-go, but still quite an educational experience. Fun, too. w00t!

Here's a few of the approved characters I've done so far.

Additionally, they've also asked me to do a UI re-design of their pre-existing equipment interfaces to be a little more streamlined and modern. I did a few mockups and sent them over for their approval. Hopefully, I'll be able to post a couple of those soon.

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