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Bok Choy Apparel

Bok Choy Apparel has been live for about a month and a half now and things are going well. Joey's been made Creative Director and is working closely with all the contributing artists to ramp up the quality of the designs to make them more unique, eye-catching, and overall awesommer.

As it stands now, we're generating a fair amount of traffic but still need more votes to get more of the designs (other than the Flagship logo designs) printed and produced. So, feel free to peek on over and vote on any of the designs that appeal to you.

Half a dozen new designs have been added to the voting pool including a Katipunan Sun design that I did to follow my first Katinpunan Sun. Heh, what an awesome way to commemorate Philippine Independence Day. :-)

To Vote for a Design:
1) click on link: Bok Choy Apparel - Designs
2) click on the design that appeals to you.
3) enter email addy in the space provided.
4) click 'submit'!
5) give yourself a cookie for voting. YEAY!

NOTE: You will NOT be spammed by Bok Choy Apparel in anyway.
Submitting your email will only be used to send you a notification that if/when the design you voted for gets selected for production

P.S. Vote for my designs and be automatically entered to win a date with the model wearing the shirts. :-)

(How's that for marketing tactic!)


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