[x] The Random Doodles of a Restless Mind

Heh... It's been far too long since I've posted any personal project progress, but that is in part (a huge part) because of my friends' wedding that I was a part of. T'was a grand affair and a lot of fun. But now that it's over, I can focus on catching up with all the other awesomely awesome artists out thurr.

Although, I have nothing recent, nor substantial to really post, I'll post a few random sketchbook pages that I've accumulated over the past six weeks or so. These sketchbook pages are nothing more than the ramblings of my mind in sketch-form.


Sean Petrilak said...

Hehe...my word verification spelled "balickat". I don't know what it would mean, but it sounds like it should have a meaning. Heh...balickat.

Fancy lines! I miss ur booty.

jaye said...

you're sketches are terrific. they put mine to shame haha