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It's been a long time since my last blog... but I'm back and I've got a bloggie entry for ya.

Over the past couple of months, a group of friends have been working tirelessly almost every night to get a new apparel website online. "Bok Choy Apparel" BokChoyApparel was "created as an outlet for the growing 'Asian Artist' as well as providing support for various non-profit groups, BCA was from the beginning about what we care most about: our community.

We envisioned doing this by making people look good. Everybody loves a t-shirt and they love it even more when the shirt fits both body and personality. To this end we print only on 100% cotton American Apparel shirts, for the softest feel possible. We are also constantly on the look out for artists whose work appeals both aesthetically and socially to us and our causes. Artists are passionate about their work, community organizers are passionate about their causes; we are passionate about providing a medium to unite these forces, and make some great clothes along the way!" [About BCA]

As a member of their creative team, I submitted a few designs that could be turned into screen-tee's - provided that the designs generate a decent amount of votes. [Please vote - teehee]

The way that BCA is set up, the designs are put online and then they are voted on by the community (i.e. YOU) to be turned into actual shirts - very similar to how Threadless.com and Designbyhumans.com operate. So... um... wanna vote for my designs? Pretty please? :-D Just enter your email under the design that you like [P.S. You won't be spammed. All you'll ever receive is a simple notification that the shirt you voted for went into production and is now available for purchase.Just in case you guys were wondering.]

A very illustrative take on the Filipino Sun
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Because girl-on-girl is hot... and hopefully my design for lesbian love makes it hotter.
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Gay and proud...
[stop staring at the model! it's the shirt I'm trying to showcase here! Sheesh!]
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Heterosexuality's gotta look cool too. :-)
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Hope you like these, you guys. If you don't please feel free to leave comments with constructive criticism. :-)

P.S. To my fellow Shrunkenhead... find the skull of the Shrunkenheadman. :-)